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About Us

About BFB International Forwarding Company Trieste:

Our company was established in 1969 as an association of all licensed customs agents.

Shortly after its institution, the present executive director Claudio Brosch transformed it into an INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING COMPANY.

The company’s strategic position, which was set from the very beginning of itsactivity, is to privilege the quality of service to the customers, who appreciated thedemanding choice and became more and more selected.

The company dispatches various kinds of wares world – wide, by railway, seatransport as well as by airway transportation systems. In order to avoid burdening thestructure to the detriment of costs, quality and of the direct contacts – much appreciated by the demanding customers – the company decided to make use of a global network of prestigious partner correspondents instead of expanding excessively.

Within the tax/customs branch, the company offers all kinds of import, export, releasing in free circulations, transit transaction and management of VAT warehouses.

It is specialised in the critical branch of excise, in the application of the laws ruling Trieste’s special free zone status, in the compilation of relevant intra – community“ INTRASTAT“ statistics.

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